19 January 2017

RIFT Abstract Painting, Day 19 of 30 day challenge

Acrylic abstract painting
30x40cm on MDF canvas panel

Day 19 of Jan 2017 30 paintings challenge
Click Here to see Day 18's painting
This painting started out similarly to yesterday's painting but using the cut offs from piece of water colour paper I used. I pasted these on the edges of a panel. I mixed some gel medium into so modelling paste in the hope it might make it more firm. I wanted the make round indentations into the paste, it worked to a certain extent - you can see some of the indentations in the following photo.
I painted the textured area a deep blue and dropped pure orange, yellow and red into the indentations. After creating some streaks on the paper and adjusting the blues in the central area I called it done.

This could go anywhichway. Which orientation doe you think looks best?

18 January 2017

Quick Getaway Abstract, Day 18 of 30 paintings challenge

Acrylic abstract painting
Day 18 of Jan 2017 30 paintings challenge
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I started off this painting with the idea of a smooth middle section and highly textured top and bottom section. I ripped some NOT watercolour paper to give bevelled edges and used that as the middle strip.
I created a vertical texture in the top third and a slanted texture with a palette knife at the bottom. This gave a large area at the bottom but it all had a similar texture, so, again with the palette knife, I made one part rougher than the rest. Again, to break up the remaining larger bottom left hand section I put in circles of white paint in a diagonal direction. This is where it was at the end of the day.

The textured area was not as textured as I wanted but decided to see what I could do with it. I added more colours at the top, spritzing it a little in the hope that it would pool at the top of the ripped paper. I did the same with the lower rough areas using stronger paint. The colours I used were  Quinacridone nickel azo gold and teal and I was mindful that I wanted a muted effect. Staying with these two colours, I added circles to link the upper and lower sections using a bottle top. I needed some smaller circles but could not find anything to use. My husband came to the rescue with a ring spanner, et voilĂ  the painting was finished (I think!).

After looking at it for a while I saw a ski slope with skiers queing up to ski down. What do you see?

Close-ups of the texture


17 January 2017

Possibilities Oil Painting Abstract Day 17 of Jan 2017 30 paintings challenge

Possibilities Abstract Painting
Oil on 6x8in box canvas

Day 17 of Jan 2017 30 paintings challenge
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Today I am cheating a little. This is an abstract I painted a few months ago from paint left on my palette. You can see my favourite colours in this teal, purples and pinks.
I started two abstracts today but could carry neither of them further. I researched modelling paste and how to use it on the internet and then went out to purchase some with a firm idea of what I wanted to try. Well... the paste was way more fluid than I expected it to be, I expected a thick, grittier paste but what I had purchased did not have as much body as my gel medium. I couldn't really sculpt it at all and it took a day to dry, knocking my plans awry. Does anyone have experience with modelling paste? The only modelling paste I could find in our local town was Pebeo in a tube.

This is where I ended yesterday's painting I wanted to try a toned down colour scheme to take me out of my comfort zone:

16 January 2017

Turmoil, Miniature Abstracts set of 4 Day 16 of 30 day challenge

 Turmoil 1
 Turmoil 2
 Turmoil 3
Turmoil 4

Day 16 of Jan 2017 30 paintings challenge
Click Here to see Day 15's painting

Four 4x4in paintings for the price of 1 today.
I enhanced yesterday's paintings and and created two more.

Complete disasters all four of them. Not sure if I can salvage any of them.

15 January 2017

Turmoil, miniature abstracts acrylic paintings, Day 15 of 30 day challenge

Turmoil Miniature Abstract Paintings
4x4in on panel
These will be available in my Etsy shop in February

Day 15 of Jan 2017 30 paintings challenge
Click Here to see Day 14's painting
I didn't have much time today so I started on some miniature abstracts. Still need some work and I have to be careful not to make them too busy. I plan to do several and post them in my Etsy shop in February.

Ladling the paint...

14 January 2017

Work in Progress Day 14, 30 day challenge

Work in Progress
40x50cm (12"x16") acrylic on mountboard

Day 14 of Jan 2017 30 paintings challenge
Click Here to see Day 13's painting
A complete change of pace today. I found this forgotten abstract at the bottom of a drawer and I liked the way the shapes danced across the page. I had the idea I could change it to an autumn scene and call if falling leaves.

I coated the mount board with pale cream and added my shapes.
I watched another Nicholas Wilton video about Differences and Spontaneity and one of the techniqes he used was transferring paint using a transfer technique by painting on a piece of greaseproof paper and laying that on the painting. I loved the broken effect and it contrasted nicely with the larger flat painted shapes.

Oh! way too busy and too much blue. One thing I didn't consider was a quiet area versus the busy areas...

A little better.

Where it's at now. Getting busy again and the larger shapes are more or less the same size. Maybe I need to make one of them eg the red one, super large. I also have the urge to coat the whole thing with transparent white and put in some verticals. Maybe like this-

Something to think about...

13 January 2017

Pathways, Day 13 - 30 paintings in 30 days challenge

40x50cm (12"x16") acrylic on mountboard

Day 12 of Jan 2017 30 paintings challenge
Click Here to see Day 12's painting
Sticking with the texture and curves today, although I did start out with the intention of having verticals and no curves, and I'm back to my reds and oranges. It must be the cold snap we're having that I need to feel warm. Once again the painting evolved as I went along.

I scraped my palette clean and some large flakes of acrylic came away. I had the urge to stick one on the painting. Some teal paint on the palette from my previous painting popped through the flake and suggested the teal colour. And, as they say the rest is history. Can you spot the skins? There are actually two of them.