23 October 2016

Colourful Petunias - container flowers

Summer Container - Colorful Petunias by Marion Hedger
5x7 inch on gallery wrapped canvas
Oil painting, painted with a palette knife

This is painted from life. The local nursery always have some baskets planted up early in the season. I couldn't resist and bought 3 for the carport and front entrance. It is a nice sunny spot and they flourish there. Elsewhere I will have to wait a little longer.

There is something therapeutic about painting these small paintings full of colour. I am definitely 'in the zone' mixing the colours and playing (sorry carefully considering) with the placement of colour and what will work with what.


22 October 2016

Provence Vines in Autumn

End of Summer, Provence Vineyard
by Marion Hedger
18x24cm (approx 7"x10")
Oil on canvas panel
Palette Knife painting

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We are just discussing a trip to see the local vineyards which I like to do every year. I looked at previous autumn vineyard paintings to get my inspiration going.
These vineyards produce the delicious Provence Rosé the area is famous for. I painted these vineyards in the autumn last year after the harvest
Autumn Vineyards in Provence Montage
by Marion Hedger


19 October 2016

Summer Garden completed and Latest Newsletter link

Summer Garden
Oil palette knife painting on 30x40cm gallery wrapped 

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17 October 2016

Sunset over the sea

Sunset over the Sea
Oil on MDF canvas panel

This painting is a mixture of brush and palette knife. Here are some close-ups to show the texture.

And how it might look framed:


16 October 2016

Shimmer colours of Olive Trees

Olive Tree Trio
by Mairon Hedger
30x24cm (approx 12"x10")
Oil on gessoed panel
palette knife painting

This is one I painted a while ago.

Olive Trees
This is an amalgam of trees from different photos but I quite like the way it came together. I wanted to show how olive trees are blue, turquoise and green all at the same time, particularly if there is a slight breeze blowing.
It is slightly larger that the other four paintings (which can be seen HERE) and this allowed me to concentrate on the form of the trunks. I love the rough, tactile, gnarled bark of the olive trees, a product of the hard pruning they receive.

Niçoise speciality
Here around Nice the olives produced by the trees are very small, but they are delicious and are a Niçoise speciality. We have three olive trees in the garden but I have never preserved the olives as it takes ages to get them to the edible stage. Raw they are extremely bitter and have to be soaked in brine to be edible.


13 October 2016

Throwback Thursday -Memories from Facebook, a blast from the past

Soft Pastel on La Carte pastel card
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I was reminded of this painting today as a Facebook memory. It goes back six or seven years when I was painting with pastels. It's a painting I loved then and still like now. 

At the time I had just lost my Mum to cancer and I filled my time by taking some on-line pastel tutorials from Charlotte (Charlie) Hertzfeld on wetcanvas.com. Charlie kindly gave us her time to teach us how to use colour to paint light in a painting and this was my final painting on the course.  

Taking this virtual course really kick-started my art and made me take it seriously.

Although it is totally different from my style now, I still love this painting.